GLH Preventative Maintenance Kits

For Automated Liquid Handling & Pipetting System

• On Site or Self Service
• PM Parts for your Instrument

GLH (Good Liquid Handling) PM Kits for full PM of hydraulic based liquid handlers. Includes QC Cal Kit Lite to perform volume verification to publish pipetting results of your system & assess if a PM would improve results.
“Previous 3 rd party vendor sources relied on gave rusty old refurbished replacement parts. Automation Trainer gave me reliable OEM manufactured PM parts, calibration instructions and a robot method with a no hassle full guarantee.”
–Top Pharmaceutical Lab Manager
“GMP & ISO 13485 manufactured parts, validated on Tecan Evo. Perkin Elmer & Beckman robots validation in progress.”
Tools and Services for the Simplification and Practical Application of Measurement Standards
in Automated Liquid Handling and Pipetting Systems

Easy PM & Reliable Parts

Parts Manufactured to fit PM Requirements*

Travel Case and Reader sold separately
Step by Step Volume Verification & Calibration instructions
Robot Method Included for verifying need of PM
QC Cal Kit, labware & Software Bundled

* Other user supplied components required