GLH™ QC Test Kit™ (Robot Specific)

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Test kits enable you to test automated liquid handlers (robotic pipettes) or manual pipettes at specific volumes in ranges from 100nL to 1.2mL. Volume range choices are Nano, Micro, Bulk, and Large. Select a volume range and robot method to order.

Most popular methods are supported and available with kits. For methods not listed for your specific instrument, please add to the list and we will help you with limited support to develop the method you need to to test with our kits.

Additional information

Volume Range

Nano, Micro, Large, Bulk

Robot Specific Methods

Mantis, Hamilton STARlet, Hamilton Nimbus, Hamilton Star, Tecan Freedom EVO, Beckman Biomek FX/NX, Perkin Elmer Sciclone (Scitec), Perkin Elmer Janus/Multiprobe, Agilent Bravo


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