GLH™ Service Cal Kit

GLH™ Service Cal Kit for testing precision, accuracy, and conducting calibrations of Automated Liquid Handlers in nano, micro, bulk and large volume ranges.

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The Good Liquid Handling GLH™ Service Cal Kit is highly cost effective and efficient solution used for linearity, precision, accuracy and performance testing. Also effective for optimization of pipette aspiration, dispense, volume verification and calibration of Automated Liquid Handlers with reference solutions giving you close to zero time consumption in generating a standard curve.

GLH™ Service Cal Kit helps you know your results with various diluents, predetermined settings, automated statistics, medical manufactured calibration solutions, and validated lab ware helping you achieve ISO 17025 certification of your readers, manual pipettes, and automated liquid handlers. We offer the service calibration kit with various volume ranges from nano, micro, large and bulk solutions. Includes traceable references for close to zero time consumption in generating a standard curve. Works with most spectrophotometer plate readers and automated liquidhandling instrumentation and pipetting systems.


  • GLH™ Service Cal Kit is much faster than gravimetric calibration and saves cost when compared to existing photo absorbance based methods.
  • Nominal cost per calibration of your automated multi-channel pipettes
  • Save 50% on average with GLH™ Service Cal Kit over individual retail pillow packs.
  • Cost savings of 33% on consumables and our system over the competition.
  • Test and calibrate your instrument in less than a minute.
  • Calibrate your instrument in minutes and verify service preventative maintenance.
  • Used for factory and site acceptance testing in forensic labs.
  • Contact our sales or support representatives for application notes and white papers for details.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Plate Format

384, 96, Both

Diluent Preferred

Acetyl Nitrile, Acids(TFA), Alcohols, Aqueous, Blood Serum, Buffers, DMSO, DNA Extracts, Magnetic Beads, Oils, Organic Solvents(DMF,DCM,DCE), Other, RNA Extracts, Serums


  • Weight: Approx. 10 Kg
  • Case Dimensions: Light and sized for carry on
  • Accuracy: extremely accurate revealing true accuracy
  • Precision: very repeatably beyond vendor liquid handling specifications
  • Plate Format: For use with 96 well microtiter plates
  • Volume range: Effective for volume range: of Nano, Micro, Bulk, and Large
  • Detailed specifications are available for download


  • Black or Silver Aluminum Flight Case
  • Absorbance Reader Validation plate, ISO Certified for NIST enabled trace-ability details in specifications
  • Calibration Solutions – Medically Manufactured Nano, micro, bulk and large calibration reagent pillow packs for 96 plate format
  • REF- α, REF- β, REF- γ and REF- Ω: traceable medically manufactured pillow packs of each reference for 96 Well
  • Decontamination solution
  • 96 well plates (Qty: 2) – Good Liquid Handling (GLH™ ) validated, acceptance tested, and recommended 96 well plates in flight case
  • Polypropylene reservoirs
  • Reference Troughs
  • High precision calibrated single channel pipette for reference curves details inside specifications
  • Certified Data Logger – Environmental monitoring Data Logger included. ISO Certificate included.
  • Spectrophotometer and Robot Methods for Automated Liquid Handler available for supported instruments.
  • Service Cal Kit comes with calibration software spreadsheets and service support included

All products will be medically manufactured and handled with required sterility on request.
Note: For detailed product information download our product specification file.

Shipping and Taxes not included.


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