We Provide State of the Art QC, Volume Verification,
Validation, Preventative Maintenance, & Calibration Kits

Good Liquid Handling -GLH™ Kits save time and money in maintaining quality control, in performing preventative maintenance, conducting calibration, optimization, validation & volume verification (VnV) of automated pipetting and liquid handling systems.

Validation & Volume Verification

QC & Calibration

Service & Repair

Preventative Maintenance & Optimization

GoodPipetting™ efficiently and effectively alleviates all the issues associated with automated pipetting, and provides standardized and reliable solutions by experts who have been teaching GoodPipetting™ and Good Liquid Handling™ for well over 20 years.

 Good Liquid Handling™ Kits Provide Users With Liquid Classes, Methods and Recommendations for Automated Pipetting.