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Welcome to Liquid Handling Bootcamp

An intensive technical workshop designed to assist those who use liquid handling robots and pipettes in the clinical, forensic and biotechnical fields to recognize and understand the applications and variables associated with automated liquid handling quality assurance.

Event Info

7th Edition Topic: Semi-to-fully-automated Quality Control (QC) Approach to Islands of Automation

This edition of Liquid Handling Bootcamp is one in a series that offers a concise review to understand the procedures and different methods of quality control (QC) of a large-scale operation that consists of islands of automation. Students will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in hands-on exercises with a variety of robotic liquid handlers using various liquids, surveying, test driving, seeing immediate liquid delivery performance data and experimenting with different techniques.

How will you benefit: 

  • Apply good and best industry practices while test driving state of the art equipment
  • Master the terminology and methods of automated liquid handling
  • Learn to automate QC processes for large-scale labs
  • Learn to utilize scheduling software
  • Understand reagent and chemical compatibility issues
  • Become familiar with validation/QC testing techniques and options
  • Operate real liquid handling robots with liquids of various viscosities and handling characteristics


  • GLH QC Smart Cart and GLH QC Kit
  • Tentatively Agilent Bravo 96ST with 96 and 384 disposable tips
  • SPT Labtech Apricot / Firefly / Dragonfly / Mosquito
  • Other instruments might be used in the different events based on availability
Who should attend: 
  • Robotic Liquid Handler Technicians
  • Sales and Application Specialists
  • Service technicians or Engineers
  • Robot Maintenance Personnel
  • QA-QC Personnel
  • Laboratory Automation Engineers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Anyone Interested in hands-on experience and training with liquid handling techniques on robots.


Past topics include: Small-volume Verification

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Coming soon! Sign up for updates by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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