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Welcome to Liquid Handling Bootcamp

An intensive technical workshop designed to assist those who use liquid handling robots and pipettes in the clinical, forensic and biotechnical fields to recognize and understand the applications and variables associated with automated liquid handling quality assurance.

Event Info

Topics to include: 

  • Introduction to liquid handling robots
  • Pipetting terminology, issues and techniques
  • Robotic liquid handling quality assurance
  • Hands-on experience with solutions of varying viscosities.
  • Technology for helping you get the most out of your robotic liquid handlers
  • PCR integration with liquid handling


  • Tentatively Agilent Bravo 96ST with 96 and 384 disposable tips
  • SPT Labtech Apricot / Firefly / Dragonfly / Mosquito
  • Todaro Robotics MagBeadBot
  • Other instruments might be used in the different events based on availability
Who should attend: 
  • Robotic Liquid Handler Technicians
  • Sales and Application Specialists
  • Service technicians or Engineers
  • Robot Maintenance Personnel
  • QA-QC Personnel
  • Laboratory Automation Engineers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Anyone Interested in hands-on experience and training with liquid handling techniques on robots.


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Testimonial from Emory at Lawrence Berkeley Labs

Testimonial from Ash with Harvard University

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