Quality Simplified.

The vision behind the GLH QC Kit was to provide users with a simplified, accurate, and cost-effective quality control solution.

Test your automated liquid handlers, multi-channel pipettes, readers, labware, and more. Develop unique liquid classes and Optimize Assays.

  • Single-Dye Absorbance-Based Method
  • Characterizes error limits of volume transfers (1 nL to 10 mL)
  • Compatible with any manual or automated liquid handling instrument (up to 1536-channels)
  • Test the photometric accuracy, precision, and linearity of most readers with the GLH Validation Reference Plate
  • Low Diluent-Dispense sensitivity with GLH Verification Microplates
  • “Auto-Generate” reference curves with 96-Well and 384-Well GLH Verification Microplates
  • Correct any reader for NIST-Traceable results with the GLH Validation Reference Plate
  • Travel ready with the compact Absorbance 96 Reader. 96 detection units w/ four standard filters: 425, 450, 998, 630 nm (custom wavelengths available including UV and Infrared detection)
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